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40 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 2 Favorite Gen 2 by ka-ting 40 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 2 Favorite Gen 2 :iconka-ting:ka-ting 2 1 40 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 1 Favorite Gen 1 by ka-ting 40 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 1 Favorite Gen 1 :iconka-ting:ka-ting 5 0
Fitchburg's Elite Four Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The battles for the babies (Troy’s perspective)
After a long day of shopping and investigating the best path to take for the Journey, we finally all met up in the Pokemon Center lobby at sundown. Each of us with different amounts of information from the day.
“So we all have stocked up on different kinds of Poke Balls, as well as any potions we think we’ll need, right?” Leigh asked, going to each of our bags to count the amount of items we have (with our permission).
“Yeah, I think all of us got what we needed,” I said as she finished looking through what we bought, “So did anyone gather any good information from this town? All I found out was that it only recently became protected so most of the fully developed buildings are new, like this Pokemon Center.”
“I spoke to some of the guards,” Leigh said, as she pulled out a pamphlet from her satchel. Across the top of the pamphlet was a large green ‘F
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Fitchburg's Elite Four Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Introductions (Troy’s perspective)
We all arrived for different reasons. Some was for adventure, some was to escape, and even some was to conquer. However, in the end our goals were the same. To civilize the region of Fitchburg, once and for all.
When my Pinsir, Rosie, and I got to the island of Fitchburg, we never would've expected what lay in store for us. We had heard the stories of the dangerous island, infested with high level Pokemon which no one dared to face. It was a rule that in order to establish a government for a region, the ranking officials must have went on their Journey at the region. While a trainer who has already been on a Journey could go on another one, they may only bring a small amount of low level Pokemon to start off with, since that is the only way to tell if the region is safe for inhabitants.
Rosie and I docked at the one safe town (Hammond) on the vastly large island. We turned back at our ship that was sailing towards our home regio
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Character Reviews Day 3: Genie from Aladdin
Day 3
Series: Aladdin (Film)
Character: Genie
Potential Myer-briggs personality type: ESFP
Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic good
Genie is a lovable goofball who is a very loyal friend, and is very fluid in his gender/sexuality.
One of the best representatives of the LGBT community in any Disney movie.
Overall - A
Personal - A+
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Character Reviews Day 2: Penny from Dr. Horrible
Day 2
Series: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog (Film)
Character: Penny
Potential Myer-briggs personality type: INFJ
Alignment: Lawful good
Penny is the main love interest of both the main character Dr. Horrible, and his arch-nemesis Captain hammer, caught in the middle of a rival love triangle. However, she does not know about Dr. Horrible’s feelings (whom she knows by Billy), because he was too shy to notice her. She comes off as a genuinely kind person, and in fact truly is one! She works tirelessly to try and improve the city that she lives in by helping out at soup kitchens and trying to get petitions signed to help the homeless (“Caring Hand”). Her main charity is helping the homeless, since the city seems to be abundant with them.
She will never give up on humanity, as seen in both “My Eyes” and during her *spoilers* death scene. Her unwavering belief in humanity isn’t one that makes her seem naive (save during one moment that I will
:iconka-ting:ka-ting 2 0
Character Reviews day 1: Mark Cohen
Day 1
Series: RENT (Film/Play, though I’ve only seen the film, I know what happens in the play mostly).
Character: Mark Cohen
Mark is the mostly inactive narrator character, where most of the active plot happens around him, yet he is perceived to be the protagonist. This is most likely due to the fact that he is the most detached character of the group, even to the point where he is the only single character throughout the entire film/play (even Benni is married, and potentially has an affair). Roger mentions that Mark detaches from feeling and escapes into his work, in the song “Goodbye Love”. Which can be shown in his interaction with the homeless woman, when he ignores her feelings while filming for the betterment of his own personal work.
Personally, I think that Mark has a good personality, but he really isn’t the smartest person around. He come off as the smart one of the group, and while he is one of the only myer-briggs “T”s among the
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Awaiting the Adventure of Life Chapter 1
Awaiting the Adventure of Life
Chapter 1: Fallarbor Pokémon Center
My plan was to recuperate at the Pokémon Center and then return to Thelma’s secret base (hoping that her and Erik would still be there). However, upon entering the Pokémon Center, I knew that this wouldn’t be a quick visit.
“Don’t let them hurt the others, Blissey,” a young nurse shouted as a beam of ice brightly shot out from her Blissey’s hands. It made a direct impact on a Numel that had been preparing some kind of attack on the Skarmory that was in front of it.
Not willing to give up after being hit hard by the powerful ice, Numel began to charge towards Blissey. “Use Double-Edge” a voiced called behind a red hood. I couldn’t recognize the strange red garb that the person was wearing, however it was obvious that they were attacking the Pokémon Center.
BAM! Numel smashed into Blissey hard, throwing both Pokémon backwards into the wa
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Clyde from the Awaited Adventures series by ka-ting Clyde from the Awaited Adventures series :iconka-ting:ka-ting 0 1 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 31: Ledyba by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 31: Ledyba :iconka-ting:ka-ting 1 2 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 30: Archeops by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 30: Archeops :iconka-ting:ka-ting 1 0 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 29: Squirtle family by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 29: Squirtle family :iconka-ting:ka-ting 0 0 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 28: Unown by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 28: Unown :iconka-ting:ka-ting 3 1 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 27: Cubchoo by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 27: Cubchoo :iconka-ting:ka-ting 0 0 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 26: Lt. Surge by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 26: Lt. Surge :iconka-ting:ka-ting 1 0 Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 25: Mega Mawile by ka-ting Pokemon 31 Day challenge Day 25: Mega Mawile :iconka-ting:ka-ting 0 0


The Three Bare Bears by Dj-Rodney The Three Bare Bears :icondj-rodney:Dj-Rodney 418 72 Parental Bonds by arkeis-pokemon Parental Bonds :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 11,970 666 Pokemon - Aquana /Vaporeon by Pandaroszeogon Pokemon - Aquana /Vaporeon :iconpandaroszeogon:Pandaroszeogon 176 35 [Wallpaper] Generation 6 by arkeis-pokemon [Wallpaper] Generation 6 :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 4,254 260
Name Your Price Commissions [OPEN]
Yes, I am finally opening up commissions! But these are a special type. Instead of having set prices, I'm letting you decide what you want to pay. Eventually, I'll come up with a commission sheet with real prices when I'm not lazy
It can be anything from an uncolored sketch to a fully colored illustration with a detailed background and multiple characters. It all depends on what you are willing to pay.
It does NOT have to be Pokemon related! I can draw any character or creature from any series as well as fan characters and OCs. 
I accept both Paypal and points.

:bademoticon:  Payment is required before I start on your commission
:bademoticon:  I have to right to refuse a commission if I want
:bademoticon: Commissions will be done at my own pace. Do not rush me.
:bademoticon: Will not draw porn, gore, o
:iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 11 45
The Pokemon Alphabet by arkeis-pokemon The Pokemon Alphabet :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 17,094 2,340 NUZLOCKE TRIBUTES by Wasserbienchen NUZLOCKE TRIBUTES :iconwasserbienchen:Wasserbienchen 1,008 147 Commission: Forest Gym Leader by Pixelated-Takkun Commission: Forest Gym Leader :iconpixelated-takkun:Pixelated-Takkun 103 5 Day 2 by Brandiboo69 Day 2 :iconbrandiboo69:Brandiboo69 1 0 Day 3 by Brandiboo69 Day 3 :iconbrandiboo69:Brandiboo69 1 0 Frank by Dj-Rodney Frank :icondj-rodney:Dj-Rodney 121 43 Archie (Pokemon) Stripping by MisterMeeko Archie (Pokemon) Stripping :iconmistermeeko:MisterMeeko 76 28 Bara squirrel by Dj-Rodney Bara squirrel :icondj-rodney:Dj-Rodney 136 34
Pride Flags Colors explained!
I'll try to list as many pride colors as I can think of.
Gay Pride (Six stripes of the rainbow but without indigo - Gay, Gay Men, Lesbians, Homosexuality, and sometimes the entire LGBT community.   This was created by a San Francisco artist named Gilbert Baker in 1978.  The flag originally had the stripes of all the colors of the rainbow and one pink stripe; from top to bottom, it was pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet/purple, and indigo.    Pink represented sex, red represented life, orange represented healing, yellow represented sunlight, green represented nature, blue represented art, indigo represented serenity, and violet represented spirit.  Later, pink was removed from the flag because of availability of fabric issues, so it became the seven colors of the rainbow.  In 1979, indigo was removed because of visibility reasons when posted on Market Street in San Francisco, so the current flag has
:iconsavvyred:SavvyRed 496 452
+Tales of Heroes+ by meru-chan +Tales of Heroes+ :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 1,520 220


So I don't update deviantart like ever anymore but I figured I should post this here. 

First of all, my writing is much better than it used to be. I wouldn't say it's outstanding or anything, but definitely much better than before. I was just rereading my XRRNL series and was shocked at how bad fanfiction-like it was.

However, that wasn't the main point of this journal. For the past year or so, I've been working on a story that had turned into a book that had turned into a franchise. It's still in the early early stages but it is huge, and has a lot to it. So far I have 9 or so books planned, though it could be more, or could be less (or might turn into something other than books like games or comics). The point though is that I have a lot planned. However, i won't be putting really any of it here. Maybe some character designs, maybe a little bit of profiles, but most likely not. 

This has been the main reason for my inactivity on deviantart this past year, and will continue to be the reason.

For more on the series though. I don't want to say too much in detail, but it is about a multiverse consisting of 5 different universes, each with their own scientific laws, and each based off a different element that the universe prospered from. There are 5 different stories all happening at the same time, one in each universe, and eventually they connect to each other. 
Our universe is one of those 5, and for those who did enjoy the XRRNL series, those characters appear as the generation preceding the main cast. All main characters from XRRNL will appear in this series, as the parents of many of the main characters (Max, Reb's younger brother, is the father of the main character). 

If you'd like to know more about the series, send me a note or comment on this. I will still check deviantart, and if I have anything non-book related (or even some book related stuff), I will post it here. Other then that though, I won't be having a lot of activity.
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[Troy] Master Rehaz
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Me in my Raichu cosplay

I'm a writer, cosplayer, cosplay creator, and activist.

EVERYTHING PAST THIS POINT WAS WRITTEN LIKE 4 YEARS AGO AND I AM A VERY DIFFERENT PERSON. The only reason I'm not deleting it all is because it's funny to look at my old self and reflect :P.

I love everyone!!! haha :D ♥♥♥

You can call me whatever you want :). I have a lot of names; and I answer to basically anything

Friendship is the very most important thing to me, and i want all my friends to always be happy!!

♥♥My goal in life is to become a rainbow!!! :D hehe

I love writing stories, and escaping into other worlds. I don't think I'm a real good writer, but I don't write for others. I write because I have stories in my head, and I want them down on paper. I love my stories (even if they do suck) and my characters.

I have co-ownership of :iconemo-trio:, along with Amaranth, and Darkwing (though I'm the only one who really uses the account itself). :iconthe-emo-trio: is also owned by us.
Oh yeah, and I own :iconlurximaplz: too ;P.

I point and laugh at myself!
:pointandlaugh: :iconka-ting:
Post this on your profile if you point and laugh at yourself too!

I was born on the day of Luxord
In the month of Lexaeus
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Lexaeus
And I'm Luxord+Lexaeus years old.
My favorite number is Roxas
And my lucky number is Xaldin
If you get it, put your own in your signature/profile!

If you have attempted to summon the Keyblade in real life, then copy and paste this into your signature/on your profile.

If you cried when Axel Faded, copy and past this into your signature/profile. WE LOVE YOU, AXEL!

Post this if you are a die-hard KINGDOM HEARTS fan and you think it's the GREATEST EFFING THING IN THE UNIVERSE!

If you laughed when you noticed that "Yagami" is "I'm a Gay" backwards, post this in your signature/profile.

|...........|Put this on your
|...........|page if you have
|...........|ever pushed a
|........0.|door that said pull

Post this on your profile if you say the funniest things when you're over-tired. And mean them.

Favorite Pokemon: Ledyba :D :iconledybaplz:
Put your favorite Pokemon on your profile!

I love the 5 elements! Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, & Lightning (I count Lighning and spirit as the same thing, in most of my stories)! There's no particular spiritual reason why I like them, I just like playing with them, and the way they feel (other than Fire and Lightning). Wind and Lightning are the greatest♥

My greatest general dislikes with a burning passion, are : Gender Expectations, discrimination, stereotypes, racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry, violence, war, hatred, etc.
I wish the world was filled with peace and love!
I'm a pacifist, and I wish I was a vegetarian, but meat is sooo good :( .

I'm gay, and proud to be! :D There is nothing wrong with it, and to anyone who thinks there is, I'm sorry if I offend you (but I really dislike your beliefs).


L☼♥3! (Love) :love:

Current Residence: Over the Rainbow, in The Castle That Never Was
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Underwear?
Print preference: My printer....
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite photographer: That guy/girl with a camera :P. You know, that one
Favourite style of art: Mystical, Colorful and Vibrant!!! Impresionist
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: The one I have...?
Shell of choice: The pretty ones
Wallpaper of choice: Cowboy wallpaper isn't very fun but that's all I have
Skin of choice: Flesh?
Favourite cartoon character: Kaoru (from Ouran High School Host Club)
Personal Quote: "A question that is never asked, is a question that is never answered"



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